Separated at birth?

Last year, Norway (after a string of top ten placings at ESC) received the shock of their lives when the results for semifinal one shut out their happy singalong “Haba, Haba” which had been viewed as top ten material.

Meanwhile Sweden’s Eric Saade was scoffed at as a pretty boy with a good dance number but no real song, then went on to finish third at ESC 2011, giving his country their best result in a decade.

Norway must have decided to follow the (Swedish) leader and send an almost-identical dance pop number with a similar dark-haired young pop boy THIS year. (Not COMPLETELY identical, since Norway’s Tooji is Iranian/Norwegian, and Eric Saade is Swedish/Lebanese.)

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery they say, and judge for yourself. Here’s Eric:

And Eric 2.0, also known as Norway 2012’s Tooji:


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