The Balkan ballad

Another style that keeps on showing up in ESC every year is the Balkan ballad. Partly because of the popularity of this gloomy, melancholy but extremely melodic genre in the several nations that were all once part of the former Yugoslavia, and partly because of the success these songs have had, Balkan ballads aren’t going anywhere soon!

Serbia’s “Molitva” won Eurovision in 2007 and brought the contest to Belgrade for 2008 (oh, didn’t I mention that the country that wins gets to host the event for the following year?). A notable part of the “Molitva” success has to do with singer Marija Serifovic, who represented a rather homophobic country despite seeming to be quite a “butch” lesbian. (2012 is promising a strong entry from Slovenia from the same songwriter, and in the same dramatic Balkan ballad vein.)


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