Too Much Is Never Enough — Ukraine 2009

Some countries think the way to Eurovision success is a classy entry in perfect taste, with a subtle chanteuse and a spotlight. That sometimes pays off (think classic French ballad entries). Then there are the countries who know that their song for ESC is not that strong in and of itself, so they throw everything including the kitchen sink into the staging. Whether it works or not, these numbers are usually a lot more fun to watch!

Ukraine has one of the best records of any country in recent years. Among their entries we’ve seen Ruslana’s Xena-in-a-loincloth tribal stomper, Verka Seduchka’s disco drag queen in a foil trench and star headdress, Ani Lorak’s hot Bond Girl writhing on silhouetted light boxes, and especially this highlight of maximal production. It took place at the especially gaudy finals ESC held in Moscow 2009, and even there was a standout of laying it on THICK! Viewers were treated to a giant mechanical set piece studded with hunky Roman gladiators, while the leading lady got tumbled head over heels and dragged across the stage during a random drum break! Take a look at Svetlana Loboda’s Anti-Crisis Girl, “Be My Valentine”!


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