The Dreaded Nul Points

When an entry to Eurovision is so universally detested that not a single country ranks it highly enough for a single point, it joins the infamous court of nul points. In the past when fewer countries voted, there were statistically more chances to come out of the contest with a score of zero. Even in the past decade, three entries were so rank that nobody wanted to be seen associating with them in a public place.

In 2009 represented Czech Republic with a Romani hiphop number called “Aven Romale” with its lead singer clad in a Gypsy superhero costume. Amazingly enough, it scored zero in its semifinal and led to the Czechs leaving Eurovision completely after the contest. In 2004, the Swiss Piero and the Music Stars struck out with their lame singalong “Celebrate”. And the year before, the United Kingdom’s Jemini were utterly tone deaf through their excruciating “Cry Baby” and reached the magic nul points as well (their performance is so rotten that the youtube clip has banned all comments).

What are the chances of a nul points stinker in May’s 2012 contest? About average, though the betting pages at have offered up a few possibilities via the reader comments. The likeliest suspects are three joke entries (at least I hope they are meant to be jokes). In the case of Georgia, the singer owns up to being a joker in the song’s title:

Montenegro has yet to qualify for a Eurovision final since its split with Serbia, and “Euro Neuro” is pretty certain to NOT break that series of failures:

San Marino actually has a decent singer in Valentina Monetta, but she has been saddled with an inane song that was originally called “Facebook (Uh Oh Oh)” until contest organizers forced them to change it (to “The Social Network Song”, with just a few trademarked company names replaced with “oohs” and “ohs”):

With these standouts, do you think that we may have another winner of the dreaded nul points trophy?


One thought on “The Dreaded Nul Points

  1. (I personally think Montenegro and San Marino will slug it out for last place, and Georgia will score a few points from Azerbaijan to avoid the big zero)

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