ESC Songwriters “Hall of Fame”: Thomas G:son

In recent years of Eurovision, there are several songwriters who have the winning formula DOWN and keep appearing with entries from various countries. The current king of international ESC songwriters is Sweden’s Thomas Gustafsson, known professionally as Thomas G:son. Since appearing on the scene about a decade ago, G:son has had his songs chosen to represent several Eurovision nations. He is most well-known for the 58 songs he has written for national finals of eight different countries for the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC): 32 for Sweden, 11 for Spain, 6 for Norway, 4 for Finland, 3 for Denmark, 2 for Poland, and 1 each for Latvia, Romania and Belgium. He has also reached ESC seven times, three times for Sweden, twice for Spain, once for Norway, and once for Denmark.

Thomas G:son

Thomas G:son, ESC songwriter "Hall of Fame"

G:son was first known for his uncanny ability to create pastiche entries, songs that perfectly imitate a distinct style. His first Eurovision entry, 2001’s “Listen To Your Heartbeat” was a perfect recreation of an upbeat ABBA pop song, and placed 5th in the contest. His Latin-tinged songs like “Samba Sambero” from Swedish Melodifestivalen and “Ven a Bailar Conmigo”, Norway’s 2007 entry, hinted at the success G:son would have in the Spanish national selections. He co-wrote the 2007 ESC entry for Spanish boyband D’Nash and by 2010 had an astounding 5 entries in the Spanish national finals.

That same year, in 2010, G:son reached Eurovision with another ABBA-style happy pop song for Denmark, which arrived in Oslo under the radar but charmed audiences and home viewers to end up in 4th place:

G:Son is also celebrated for his anthemic ballads. In 2006 Sweden again reached 5th place at Eurovision with the legendary “Invincible” by Carola, a joyous icon of ESC, complete with flag waving and windmachines. His stirring “En Una Vida” in the Spanish finals of 2010 reached similar emotional heights but placed second, becoming an instant fan favorite across the ESC world. But this year G:son easily won the Spanish finals with another heartfelt ballad that will compete for a top placing in Baku:

G:son has shown a new maturity in recent years, and his facile, superficial mimicking of popular styles has given way to an ability to truly compose top-ranked songs in a wide range of genres, tailor-made to present an artist in their very best light. He co-wrote a new entry this year for 2011 Swedish fan favorite Loreen, who was much loved but didn’t progress to the Swedish national final last time around. The result, the massive dance club stomper “Euphoria”, marched straight to the victory podium in Melodifestivalen 2012 and is currently atop the Eurovision betting to give Sweden its first Eurovision victory since 1999:


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