Eurovision Rocks!

ESC is not just a collection of jokey performances and cheesy dance pop. Every year at least a few actual rock singers or bands are in the mix, often proceeding straight to the finals! Besides Finland’s own “monsters of rock” Lordi (2006 winners and Finland’s best result ever), recent entries from Norway (Wig Wam), Sweden (The Ark), Georgia (Eldrine) and Turkey (Mor ve Ötesi in 2008 and maNga in 2010) are just a few of the rock artists who have graced the Eurovision finals.

This year’s entries include several alternative rock bands, from Switzerland’s Sinplus (who can do everything well except pronounce English):

to Hungary’s misleadingly named Compact Disco:

and Belarus’ handsome outer space heroes, Litesound.

Meanwhile, Slovakia has entered a young hard rock male vocalist, Max Jason Mai, whose looks, physique and memorable refrain may propel him to the finals:

So far 2012’s crop of rockers doesn’t threaten the top of the betting boards, though I think I would wager that at least two of them make it through the semis to the Saturday finals!


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