ESC Betting Odds Update 4.12.2012

The Eurovision betting odds seem to be settling down, with the top ten shifting around a bit but keeping fairly steady. Interesting that this year if you take four Big Five countries (UK, Germany, Italy, and Spain) and four Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Iceland) and add in perennial top ten finalists Serbia, Russia, Greece, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine, and popular returning act Jedward for Ireland, you have the top half of the final board pretty well covered. Though currently Greece, Turkey, Romania and Ukraine are not top ten in the betting, you can figure that if any countries overperform the odds, it will probably be those.

Sweden stays a firm favorite, not too closely followed by the Russian grannies, and then some combination of Italy, Denmark and the UK round out the top five. Serbia slipped a bit when they decided to perform their strong ballad in the original Serbian instead of a more accessible English translation, but seem to be a good bet for somewhere between third and seventh place. Once the stage rehearsals start in four weeks, we will see if any of the favorites don’t live up to the pre-contest hype.

current Eurovision odds

odds for the win as of April 12, 2012 (click to enlarge)


2 thoughts on “ESC Betting Odds Update 4.12.2012

  1. Ah yes, there’s always a Kate Ryan or two in the pack. I think something goofy like Moldova could unexpectedly make the finals and do well as they did last year. Do you think there are any completely written off entries like last year’s Lithuanian that most of the fans and press will hate but might do well and shock us all?

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