Wacky Eurovision Covers, Speedmetal Edition!

This one almost defies belief! Black Ingvars is a Swedish band that cleverly straddles the worlds of heavy metal and traditional Swedish dansband, with a heavy layer of satire laid on for effect. On their uneven but fun “Schlager Metal” album, the guys cover a dozen Eurovision entries and Melodifestival songs in an exaggerated metal mood!

Schlager in Speedmetal Tempo

Schlager in Speedmetal Tempo

Here they take 1991’s Swedish Eurovision winner, the legendary Carola’s comeback victory “Fångad Av En Stormvind” (this was from the period when only a nation’s native language was allowed, the English version was released afterwards as “Captured By A Lovestorm”) speed it up to amphetamine tempo, and even mess with the Eurovision “Te Deum” theme in the bargain! Weird but winning…

And here is Carola’s original version in its English translation (don’t want to scare anyone off with an entire post of non-English clips). And can I just observe, never has a 90s song seemed so 80s-inspired in style and performance…


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