Icons of Euro-stars

There are performers, there are stars, there are superstars, and then there are ICONS.

Romanian minis for the masses

Romanian minis for the masses

Artist and eurofan Ben Morris has made it an annual project to recreate the likeness of every performer from the year’s contest as a minipop icon. This cartoonish redrawing is coming to define Eurovision stardom in the same way that past generations of Broadway stars were defined by their Hirschfeld caricatures.
Loreen as minipop icon

Sweden 2012's Loreen as minipop icon

Morris has portrayed every one of the ESC 2012 entries in minipop icon form, to charming results. The full gallery of all 42 2012 entries, plus past entries and show presenters from 2011 are on display at the Minipop Icons Facebook page. Browse through and check to see how your favorite artists are icon-ified, and which of the uber-cute icons are your new favorites.

Belarus minipop icons

Belarus' Litesound gets the Minipop treatment

While you are at the Facebook page, be sure to “like” Minipop Icons and you will get a special reward. The page’s fans get to download a full-sized desktop wallpaper of all 42 2012 Eurovision Minipop Icons! There is a template to build your own 3d cube-head Icon of either Sweden’s Loreen or Germany’s Roman Lob. You can even add a Twibbon to your Twitter avatar (of the country name and Minipop Icon) that will show your support for your favorite ESC entry this year. Pure fun, and isn’t that what Eurovision is about?

The Russian grannies get Icon-ified

The Russian grannies get Icon-ified


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