Cross Promotion: WiwiBloggs reviews Eurovision in Concert

Saturday night at the world-famous Melkweg in Amsterdam the first gigantic promotional event of the Eurovision 2012 season rolled into town and the GENIUS reviewers at Wiwi Bloggs have just posted a podcast via SongContestRadio (and a transcription) of their reviews of the twenty three 2012 artists that trekked to Amsterdam to show off their songs for about 1350 Eurofans. The entire article and podcast is WELL worth a read or listen, and here is their review of Lithuania’s Donny Montell to give you a mere taste of what is in store:

Wiwi: Donny Montell was next singing “Love is Blind.”

Vebooboo: Love is blind, but we are also deaf after listening to this song. This man or should I say boy because he is real, real young. Before we get into the song, let me say that we had the chance to interview him. And he was quite the attention-getter in the press conference. There were a lot of guys that were attacking this poor little boy, but he was going along with it. Can I just say he might be down with the brown.

Wiwi: Y’all, what Vebooboo is trying to say is that Vebooboo is half-Indian and looks a little brown and he’s hoping Donny Montell wants to get down on the brown.

Vebooboo: All I know is boo, when we asked him if he was single, he said that for us he was. If that doesn’t say something then I don’t know what does.

Wiwi: In any case, to turn back to his song because this is Song Contest Radio! His song is quite schizophrenic. It starts out very slow and then suddenly we’re in 1985.

Vebooboo: I mean, I do love the way he suddenly switches it and he switches it by doing a cartwheel. It’s just so random, and that’s what Eurovision is about. So more power to him. I was wondering why he didn’t bring the blindfold with him last night. I think it’s because he wanted to look in the crowd at me.

Wiwi: Boo, he was not looking for you. This child was doing cartwheels and he was having a lollipop back stage. He did not want to have anything to do with you.

The guys at Wiwi Bloggs give a rundown and review of each of the 23 performances of Saturday’s event, and since none of us were there, this has to be the next best thing.

But I COULD add a few youtube clips from the actual event to spice things up. Here is the lovely Joan Franka of the concert’s host nation, the Netherlands:

Here is fan favorite Pastora Soler of Spain getting a great reaction from the Amsterdam crowd:

And after the buildup from the guys at Wiwi Bloggs, you must be chomping at the bit to see Donny Montell and his famous cartwheel:

Of course, you’ll have to excuse the shaky fan-made clips, and be grateful to share this bit of the Eurofan experience! (You can find links to all the performance clips from Amsterdam at


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