Secret History of Eurovision DVD

If (unlike me) you have plenty of money to get all the DVDs and merchandise that interests you, you should certainly head over to and their eurovisionshop. There is a TON of swag, DVDs, CDs, t-shirts and caps from all the recent Eurovision years, and mouse pads and souvenir programs. Their latest find is a great DVD of an Australian TV documentary about the Contest and its effects on European music and culture.

The Secret History of Eurovision DVD

The Secret History of Eurovision DVD

The DVD is region free and in English, but is in PAL standard. Most blu-ray players and any computer DVD drive should handle it with no difficulty. At €19.95 (about $25) it’s not too expensive, but be sure to check the postage fees. You can watch this DVD and know ALMOST as much about Eurovision as you would learn by reading this blog (that is a pretty great recommendation, BTW)! Order it via the Eurovisionshop. Watch this trailer and then just TRY to tell me that you don’t want to order the DVD and snuggle up next to it IMMEDIATELY!


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