Great Eurovision Interval Acts: 2010 Flash Mob

Flashmobbing for Eurovision

Flashmobbing for Eurovision

The Oslo 2010 Eurovision Song Contest was one of the smoothest, most technically adept in recent years. The show went off without a hitch, the production values were great, and the spectacular numbers were only topped by 2009’s massive Moscow arena and its break apart circular band of LED screens above the stage.
Madcon "Glow"

The flashmob music for Eurovision 2010

But one of the most memorable parts of the show was a wonderwork of planning, preparation, and execution. The month before the event, an instructional youtube and written instructions were released to Europe of a song and dance routine set to “Glow”, music by Norway’s own Madcon. sent out the call:

Want to take part in the interval act? You can! (Oslo, Norway) –
Did you ever dream of taking part in the interval act of the Eurovision Song Contest. This year, it’s possible! Join the dance and take part in the biggest ‘flash mob’ ever! The organizers of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest are inviting thousands of people in ten cities across Europe to dance with them. For the first time in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest… YOU CAN BE PART OF THIS!

Here you can see the dance instructions broken down into four parts for prospective participants.

With instructions in hand all over the continent, from small private parties to city squares and shopping mall courtyards, plans were set for dozens of simultaneous flashmobs of locals to dance along to the Madcon TV performance during the voting interval of Eurovision.

The results were spectacular, as hordes of jubilant flashmobbers (18,000 in the Oslo arena plus televised groups in ten European cities) joined in to perform the “dance all over Europe”:


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