1st Semi: Finalists draw final night positions

All the running order for Saturday night’s final is updated now on the Baku 2012 page on the above menu, up to and including the 10 finalists who were chosen tonight. The beginning of the show does not seem to be very much fun until the Russian Grannies come on at 6th, the first three songs belonging to UK and Engelbert (1st), Hungary’s indie rock “Sound of Our Hearts”(2nd), and Albania’s primal scream “Suus” (3rd).

After the grannies in 6th, Iceland is in 7th, followed by Cyprus’ dancepop in 8th position, then France’s dancepop in 9th, and Italy’s retro dancepop in 10th. The Azeri hosts are on 13th, then three upbeat songs from Romania (14th), Denmark (15th) and Greece (16th). Spain’s big ballad is 19th, Germany’s soft ballad is 20th, then the last part of the show features Jedward for Ireland in 23rd and Pasha for Moldova in the prime 26th spot.

Jedward jump for joy for their lucky draw in 23rd!

Jedward jump for joy for their lucky draw in 23rd!

There are only two spots left in the first part of the show, two in the middle, and six in the final stretch. So I guess the entries from the second semifinal are probably pretty happy with their options if they make it through!


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