Final lineup complete after 2nd semi

So my predictions weren’t too far off, and I am not slack-jawed over any of the choices. Belarus and Slovenia did not make the final, but Malta and Macedonia did.
Here are your ten finalists, who will be drawing their spots in the running order in about an hour.
1. Lithuania
2. Bosnia and Herzegovina
3. Serbia
4. Ukraine
5. Sweden
6. Macedonia
7. Norway
8. Estonia
9. Malta
10. Turkey

Bosnia and Herzegovina and Lithuania should be very happy they got to perform last, because otherwise I don’t think either would have qualified.

I was frankly disappointed in Estonia. He did a “Mariah Carey” on the simple ballad everyone had grown to love, and almost ruined it. I hope he dials down the theatrics a little for the final.

Malta was MUCH better tonight than I had expected, and I was glad for Kurt to make it through. Call me biased, but Sweden and Loreen rocked the house tonight! Nobody else really came close.


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