Last words before 2012 finals

The finals air in two hours, and five hours till Europe’s 2012 song of the year is chosen. If the Russian grannies manage to eke out a victory based on cuteness without any real singing dancing or song to speak of, I will be rather pissed off. If Italy, Spain, Serbia, or Romania win, I will be happy for them and recognize a worthy winner.

But if the oddsmakers are correct and Sweden achieves its first win since 1999, I think the voters will have achieved something fantastic, not just for Loreen and Sweden, but for the honor and reputation of the Contest itself.

“Euphoria” stands a great chance of becoming what Eurovision hasn’t produced in over a decade, a worldwide hit song. Even if it doesn’t win, it has proved its mettle with music lovers across the continent. It has rocketed up the ITunes charts in a dozen countries already.

What would be more exciting for Eurovision than having the biggest hit of summer 2012 under its belt? We can only hope and wait…


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