When I said “Euphoria” would be a chart hit…

I was not kidding. The smart bloggers at ESC Xtra just put together a brilliant list of the countries where Loreen is zooming up the charts, and it’s impressive for the first day after Eurovision.

After a runaway victory last night, Swedish Loreen is making an impact on charts across Europe and more. These are some of the positions from iTunes charts at the moment:

#1 – Austria
#1 – Belgium
#1 – Denmark
#1 – Finland
#1 – Germany
#1 – Greece
#1 – Ireland
#1 – The Netherlands
#1 – Norway
#1 – Spain
#1 – Switzerland
#2 – United Kingdom
#11 – France
#41 – Italy
#61 – Australia

Another sign that Sweden’s winning entry is a new paradigm for Eurovision hit songs comes from the esteemed Guardian, where their snarky “drinking game” live blog of the contest broadcast got smacked in the head with a bit of modern reality:

9.19pm: SWEDEN’s turn now, with the song that’ll probably win. It’s called Euphoria. It’s performed by a kind of Shoreditch Winkleman. And it’s quite, quite brilliant.

9.22pm: Oh, it’s good, isn’t it? It sounds like something that you’d hear on the radio. And that’s something that has never ever been said about any Eurovision song in history. The best bit of the song comes when Loreen – the singer – drops to her knees and inspires a flurry of dandruff to fall from the ceiling. It’s properly amazing.

I REALLY hope that this Loreen-fever spreads across the Atlantic. What an exciting development it would be to be ASKED about Eurovision by interested Americans, instead of feeling like I am forcing my interest on others…


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