“Euphoria” chart climb continues

According to the Eurovision Times, Loreen’s Eurovision-topping “Euphoria” now has reached the Itunes #1 spot in 21 countries, and has entered the charts in such distant countries as Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand:

Sweden – The Eurovision Song Contest 2012 has a winner. Loreen won for Sweden with her song Euphoria and with the second highest score in Eurovision history (closely following Alexander Rybak). She has now officially achieved success beyond other Eurovision winners by reaching the #1 on iTunes UK. Additionally she is #1 in 20 other countries as well and is still increasing in most of them.

In Germany and Denmark, Euphoria sells 70% more than its nearest competitor in second position. In Switzerland and Spain it doubles the second place’s sales. Here are all available iTunes charts:
#1 United Kingdom
#1 Germany
#1 Spain
#1 Netherlands
#1 Austria
#1 Belgium
#1 Cyprus
#1 Denmark
#1 Estonia
#1 Finland
#1 Greece
#1 Ireland
#1 Latvia
#1 Lithuania
#1 Luxembourg
#1 Malta
#1 Norway
#1 Romania
#1 Slovenia
#1 Sweden
#1 Switzerland
#8 France
#8 Hungary
#8 Portugal
#15 Australia
#22 Italy
#52 Poland
#158 Mexico
#169 New Zealand

She's goin' up up up Uhh-up!

She's goin' up up up Uhh-up!

Further proof comes from Metro magazine in London, that notes that if Loreen’s UK sales blitz continues this week and ends up in #1, she will be the first Eurovision winner in 30 years to achieve that success:

Eurovision winner Loreen on track to score UK No.1 with hit single Euphoria
Swedish singer Loreen is on track to become the first Eurovision winner to secure a UK number one in 30 years after winning the song contest with her hit single Euphoria

Read more: http://www.metro.co.uk/music/900430-eurovision-winner-loreen-on-track-to-score-uk-no-1-with-hit-single-euphoria#ixzz1wBuFoUkn


2 thoughts on ““Euphoria” chart climb continues

  1. This blog has the most awesome coverage of the 2012 Eurovision Contest. I learned a lot — and congratulations to Sweden. Job well done.

    • Thanks, and be assured that Sweden 2013 will be an AWESOME host for the Contest. Our coverage next year will be MINDBLOWING!

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