Barbara Dex award 2012 announced

From the House of Eurovision comes this long-awaited news about the winner of this year’s Barbara Dex award for Eurovision’s worst-dressed performer:

“This years Barbara Dex Award has seen a record-breaking number of votes. A total of 2851 valid votes were cast (again, like last year, a lot of votes had to be deleted due to several reasons. We are thinking about a better system to prevent things like double voting ). From the beginning one there has always been one big favourite for the award this year: Albania’s Rona Nishliu. Her blue and black witches dress and donut shaped hairdo was the first choice for 829 voters.

Funnily enough the Jedward boys ended up second…. again! After gaining second place in 2011 they won that spot again this year with 551 votes with their sparkly costumes and combed-back crests. Third place was for Bulgaria’s Sofi Marinova in her white leather outfit. She gained 232 votes from the voters.”

01. Albania – Rona Nishliu (829)
02. Ireland – Jedward (551)
03. Bulgaria – Sofi Marinova (232)
04. The Netherlands – Joan Franka (163)
05. Ukraine – Gaitana (145)
06. Denmark – Soluna Samay (82)
07. Turkey – Can Bonomo (76)
08. Sweden – Loreen (66)
09. Bosnia & Herzegovina – Maya Sar (62)
10. San Marino – Valentina Monetta (62)

Rona Nishliu, Barbara Dex award winner for 2012

Rona Nishliu, Barbara Dex award winner for 2012

The Barbara Dex award, as we noted here earlier, is named after and dedicated to an unfortunate Belgian ESC contestant from 1993 who had no budget for a costume and made her own bizarre creation (which incidentally propelled her to last place in that year’s contest).


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