Denmark big winner in ESC 2013 Hosting Announcement

Sweden’s SVT just made the surprise announcement that Malmö Arena will host Eurovision 2013, instead of the widely expected Friends Arena in Stockholm’s suburban Solna district. I am sure that many Eurofans immediately went online to check hotel availability for the May dates of the contest, as I did, and found that all the reasonable accommodations are ALREADY snapped up. The big winner in this announcement is undoubtedly Denmark and Malmö’s neihbor across the Öresund strait, Copenhagen. The Danish capital is a quick train ride from the Skånska capital city of Malmö, and indeed, the direct airport connection in Copenhagen has a direct 15 minute transfer to Malmö Arena.

Öresund bridge links Malmö to Köpenhamn

Öresund bridge links Malmö to Köpenhamn

To put it in perspective, Malmö is a lovely small city about the size of Glendale, California. And the Danish capital has almost the same close relationship to it as Los Angeles has to its suburban neighbor. Undoubtedly a great share of the tourism dollars pouring into the Eurovision finals week next year will now choose to fill up coffers of hotels and restaurants across the straits in Copenhagen. The Danish city will reap huge rewards without the downside of actually having to kick in and help pay for the contest hosting and preparations.

So congratulations SVT, Sweden and Malmö, and even greater congratulations to Copenhagen, who just hit the jackpot with this surprise announcement!


4 thoughts on “Denmark big winner in ESC 2013 Hosting Announcement

  1. Ja! Basically your point is fair enough, but Sweden can easily afford to host this contest, unlike most other European countries. Malmö will be alright, as long as the hotels are full and the restaurants and bars are buzzing, the Öresund Region could do with a bit of a spotlight and a chance to receive a bit of positive limelight so the benefits can be measured in more than just $$$s!

    Although as a resident of Malmö, I am dreading it!

    ~The Dippylomat esq.

    • I have NO complaint with the choice of Malmö, it is a city I really love. But it WAS a bit of a downer when I want to go and attend the Contest next year to find that within a few hours of the announcement just about every hotel room during that week was already booked. I have an Swedish friend here in LA from Malmö and we have talked about traveling together and staying with his friends there during Eurovision week, so I hope that works out. Much as I love Köpenhamn, I would much rather stay in town close by the event itself and enjoy the festive spirit…

    • You certainly won’t be the only ones.. I have read that Malmö has about 7000 hotel rooms, and the international delegations alone will take up a good share of them. We ordinary Eurofan tourists will be at the mercy of the local Skåningar.

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