National Finals 2013: Who’s Up First?

“Good evening Europe, this is Minsk calling!”

Across the nations of the EBU, excitement is already running high for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest, to be held May 14th – 18th in Malmö, Sweden. In the past few years we have seen Albania and Switzerland out of the gate early, around Christmas, and these year it looks like Belarus might beat everyone to be first to select their national representative.

BelTeleradio Company, the sponsoring broadcaster, announced October 3 the details of its selection process. Artists and composers are free to submit their entries until October 22, with a qualifying audition taking place October 31. then the top 15 (or fewer) will compete in a November semifinal, and the top five will duke it out to choose the winner in December.

As soon as the exact dates and times are known I will post the information and the link to watch the selection shows. (Every year I start out with the best intentions of watching ALL the national selections, but usually I don’t really catch any of them until the onslaught of late January shows. This year I am really going to watch even these early selections — last year Albania’s Rona Nishliu was picked in December and went on to place 5th in ESC, so they can be very worthwhile!)


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