Five of Nine Swiss Finalists Known

Switzerland is a bit of a special case in Eurovision, since there are three national broadcasters representing the three major languages of the country.  Unlike Belgium, where the French language and Flemish language broadcasters alternatein choosing the national entry, in Switzerland all three broadcasters submit entries to the national finals.

This year’s Swiss national selection finals are scheduled for December 15th in Kreuzlingen, and the nine entries are allocated this way: four from the German language broadcaster, three from the French, and two from the Italian.  Two weeks ago RSI, the Italian broadcaster, held a radio contest and chose their two entries:

Chiara Dubey – Bella sera
Ally – Catch me

Now RTS, the French language broadcaster, has revealed their three contenders, chosen by an internal selection. Their three songs in the Swiss finals are:

CarrouselJ’avais rendez-vous
Nicolas FraissinetLève-toi
Nill Klemm On my way

Now we are just awaiting the four entries from SRF, the German broadcaster, which will be announced next Monday, November 12th.  We will post those songs as soon as they are made public!


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