Eurovision Tickets Go On Sale Monday!

A surprise early offering of Eurovision 2013 tickets has taken the Eurofan world by surprise (tickets are often not put up for sale until February or later). will be the agent to purchase tickets for ESC2013 in Malmö, and the ticket sales begin 10am CET Monday, November 26th (which is 1am tonight Pacific Standard Time here in California). Individual tickets for the jury and afternoon dress rehearsals, Semifinals, and Grand Final, range from about $15 to over $300.

ESC 2013

The show organizers have planned the auditorium layout to feature a standing room area on the arena floor for hardcore fans.  Initially these tickets will be offered to members of the various OGAE fanclubs during the first week or sales in the form of a season pass for all six evening shows (three dress rehearsals and three televised shows) at a cost of about $400.  After this week the remaining unsold standing room tickets will be offered for public sale as individual tickets.


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