The tribulations of an American Eurofan

The good news is, I have Eurovision 2013 tickets!!  The bad news is, the grand finals were long sold out before I could get through to ticnet (only took 29 minutes, I hear).  I woke up (magically, without even setting the alarm clock) just at 1am and went about logging into the account I created at ticnet.  I chose my tickets and checked out, and it wouldn’t accept my credit card.  Then I tried another! Same thing… Then ANOTHER!  I found out that no credit cards from countries outside Europe are accepted on the website, I would have to CALL ticnet in Sweden. Then I spent a half hour redialing and trying to get through to the jammed phone line.  Finally, I went back to bed and had a nightmare about missing out on Eurovision tickets…

I woke back up at 4, and finally got through to ticnet. Was told the wait would be 54 minutes to reach an operator. Figured I better add a cheap international dialing plan to my AT&T account!  (Otherwise those 54 minutes would have cost $80.) That taken care of, called back and only had to wait 24 minutes.

When all was said and done, got decent seats for the two semis and a bad seat for the finals–only problem is, they are all for the jury rehearsal evening shows the nights before.
But I am not too bummed yet–there will apparently be more seats released once the organizers finish their blueprints for the stage and tech equipment and figure out how much space has to be blocked out. And there is also a slim chance that some of that standing room offered to the OGAE fans will be unsold and released to the public next week.  If that happens, I will know to be waiting by the phone for the stroke of the opening hour…


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