New York Club Brings “EuroPhoria” to America

Two young Israeli-Americans, Gilad Mandelboim and Itali Eithan Shamir, are attempting the heretofore impossible feat of bringing something COMPLETELY new to the NYC club scene.  Their new monthly event, Europhoria, is a Europop party specializing in the music of…. wait, are you ready for it?…. EUROVISION!


European expats and less-jaded New Yorkers, take notice!  Euro-nights across the continent have become festive frenzies of choreographed dance moves, flag waving,  impromptu singalongs and general unbridled Euro-joy.  We expect nothing less of Europhoria, and can’t wait to hear initial reports from the inaugural event this coming Monday, December 10th.

Future Europhoria nights will follow the 2nd Monday of every month (hopefully till evighet, into eternity). The party kicks off at the Hells Kitchen bar known as Hardware (697 10th Avenue (between 47th street and 48th street) at 7pm.  We can only guess the usual crowd at Hardware, but as the club trailer exclaims, “It’s not gay, it’s European!”


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