Belarus Brings “The Rhythm of Love” to ESC 2013

Ladies and gentlemen, we have our first entry, Alyona Lanskaya for Belarus with “Rhythm of Love”.  It is harmless enough, and considering the makeovers Belarus usually give their entries by contest time, who knows, it could be decent.  Alyona is already known (should I say notorious) around Eurovision circles since she was Belarus’ original winner last year as well until she was disqualified in some sort of vote rigging scandal..

Can I just say after watching the whole national final show from Belarus, if my current careers don’t work out, maybe I should relocate to Minsk and become an accent reduction coach?  More than any other country in Eurovision, the Belarusians seem to ALL have an almost impenetrable accent when singing in English. Two of the other contestants in the show who placed 3rd and 4th were both interesting.  Satsura who ended up in 3rd, was mainly  attention-getting for his, ahem, creative costuming.  His “shirt” was more like a few pieces of black chain tied together to drape over his impressive torso.

Alexy Gross placed 4th with his midtempo ballad “One Way Love”.  He is a good-looking boyband type, and again, would have been much better if he could lessen that STRONG East European accent.

So one down and another five to go before New Year’s!


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