December Recap: First Six Entries Chosen

The first month of Eurovison National Finals is complete, and six of the 39 nations competing in ESC 2013 have chosen their entries. I don’t hear a winner yet, but with some preparation and production work, I could see three or four of these in the Saturday finals.

So far, these are the entries (in alphabetical order):

High drama in an Eastern/ethnic style.  Well-performed, but I’m still not convinced.

Pretty Alyona sings a competent dance-pop song.  With work this could go over with voters.

For a winner of Belgium’s version of THE VOICE, he seems a little tentative on the vocals, Interested to see if this gets better.

Pleasant song and singer, but bad accent and a bit monotonous.

Probably the most immediate and catchy of the entries chosen so far.  With a good staging this could go far.

Very pretty singer with a great voice, but the strident backing vocals take it down a notch.  If they rework this for Eurovision it could be really good.


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