Estonia’s Eesti Laul 2013 Presents Fascinating Variety of Young Singers

Eurovision national finals often fall into two camps: the countries who think strategically and search for a song that will be a hit with Eurovision audiences, or others, like Estonia, that usually go for the songs they like (whether or not they will appeal to an international public). Sometimes Estonia hits the nail on the head and offers up an unexpected treasure like last year’s KUULA or 2009’s RANDAJAD, and the top of the voting board is that much cooler and richer for their choice.  Other years Estonia ends up with an interesting failure like 2010’s SIREN that isn’t allowed anywhere near the finals.

This year’s Eesti Laul, scheduled for March 2 in Tallinn, promises a REALLY amazing variety of accomplished songs. If the judges and Estonian public choose wisely, this could be one of those great years for Estonia in the Eurovision finals.  About 75% of the songs for 2013 are now available online for listening, and here is just a selection of the most interesting.

Our old friend Rolf Roosalu is back yet AGAIN, with a slow burn of a ballad in the vein of KUULA.  The English lyrics are a little clumsy, and it remains to be seen if he can perform it this well live:

Birgit Õigemeel is an Eesti Laul veteran, and she is presenting a ballad that shows off her vocal skills and the beauty of the Estonia language:

Põhja-Tallinn’s entry is an interesting combo of children’s chorus and Eastern European rapping. It falls more into the “interesting failure” category:

Neogeen has something REALLY different, a gentle ballad in French called LUNE SOURNOISE:

Indie-pop band Flank has one of the heavy hitters of this year’s competition, an accomplished rock song called MISSING LIGHT that could draw televotes: 

Liisi Koiksoni has a lovely voice, and her song is a seductive cocktail jazz number:

Grete Paia would seem to be Estonia’s answer to Pink, melodic and a little rocky:

And last in this hit parade of styles is a pop punk stomp in the style of The Hives, Facelift Deer’s frenetic DANCE:

And this is less than half of the Estonian selection, with some of the biggest names still to come.  Come on Estonia, give us a good one!


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