Semifinal Draw for 2013

This year the running order for the ESC semifinal and final shows is to be determined by show producers (a somewhat controversial decision). But the countries competing in the semifinals have still drawn places in the two semis, as well as a position in the first of second half of that semi.  And the six automatic qualifiers (the Big 5 plus host country Sweden) have drawn which semifinal they will be required to broadcast and have their citizens vote in.  (Until the countries choose their songs for this year, there aren’t too many conclusions to draw about the relative difficulty of the semis.) Here are the results of the draw:

Big 5 and Host Country – Semi-final allocation for broadcasting and voting

  • France – Second Semi-final
  • Germany – Second Semi-final
  • Spain – Second Semi-final
  • United Kingdom – First Semi-final
  • Sweden – First Semi-final
  • Italy – First Semi-final

Semi final 1

First half

Second half

Denmark Lithuania
Croatia Serbia
Ukraine Ireland
The Netherlands Belarus
Austria Cyprus
Slovenia Montenegro
Estonia Belgium
Russia Moldova

Semi final 2

First half

Second half

Latvia Israel
Azerbaijan Norway
Malta Albania
Iceland Hungary
San Marino Switzerland
FYR Macedonia Georgia
Finland Greece
Bulgaria Armenia



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