Saturday Turns Up Some Massive Songs From Nordics

It was a big day in the North for the ESC national finals. Iceland finalized its top ten, and seem to be pointing the way for Birgitta Haukdal to make a 10th anniversary return to Eurovision with “Meðal andanna”.  The other big contenders fell by the wayside in the semis when Yohanna and Erna failed to qualify, while Magni only made it through by the skin of his teeth when the jury voted him as a wild card to stay in the contest. Iceland often votes in something quirky and unexpected, but if they stick to the Eurovsion tried-and-true, Birgitta should win.

In Norway, this week’s semi voted through two decent songs and one TOWERING winner.  If Margaret Berger’s gigantic Bond-movie epic “I Feed You My Love” wins for Norway, the country should certainly be back in the top five this year in Eurovision.

Meanwhile the Danes had a tough job to do. Their Melodi Grand Prix had four or five songs that would do their country proud in ESC, and they had to choose from this embarrassment of riches.  By the superfinal it was down to these three, any of which were a fine option. They put the pre-contest favorite, Simone, into third place with “Stay Awake”

Former Danish X-Factor star Mohamed Ali’s Danny Saucedo-styled “Unbreakable” was another early favorite, and finished a strong second in Herning. If Mohamed had won, this could either have taken Eurovision by storm, or been this year’s Tooji and dropped like a stone on final night.

Emmelie de Forrest had not been rated as a winner before the contest, but her melancholy, Celtic-tinged “Only Teardrops” tied for first with the jury and was a massive hit with the televoters. By choosing her, Denmark shoots up to the top of the Eurovision boards so far. If Emmelie works on her English pronunciation a bit and becomes a bit more assured vocally, this could be a potential 2013 winner candidate.


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