Greece Unveils Four Choices for 2013

Music media network MAD TV (not to be confused with the American sketch comedy show where I used to work) has teamed with ERT, the sponsoring Greek broadcaster, to release Youtube clips of the four songs viewers can choose from for their national entry to ESC2013.  The short breakdown = one ethno novelty act, one ethnic dance pop in Greek, one grand Eurovision ballad with modern electro touches, and one modern radio pop song in the style of 2010’s winning “Satellite”.  The latter two seem the more promising for Eurovision success so let’s see what the Greeks choose.

“Alcohol is Free” is the novelty act, with a Greek ethnic band in kilts and sneakers doing a paean to free booze that seems like the kind of thing we have heard before from Lithuania or Moldova. I don’t think it is clever enough to actually garner votes in the Eurovision semis.

Aggeliki Iliadi has the Greek dance pop stomper, and it is perfectly fine.  But it is missing the something extra that brought this style to the forefront in the mid 2000s.

“Angel” is the big ballad, and a title that Eurovision has seen many times.  At least Alex Leon and Georgina, the artists, have spiced up the old formula with a bit of electro DJ sound:

The fourth entry is Thomai Apergi – “One Last Kiss”, a jazzy band number that reminds listeners of the modern retro pop of Lena’s “Satellite” It’s a bit overdone, and definitely could be tightened up into a good entry before May.

We’ll know what ERT and MAD TV will send to ESC when their Greek final takes place on February 18th!


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