“Here We Go” Latvia, with a Party Song for ESC2013!

Dziesma 2013, the contest where Latvian broadcaster LTV chooses the nation’s offical Eurovision entry, just concluded their excellent selection show in Ventspils.  The final choice came down to a midtempo pop song, “I Am What I Am”, a big ballad, “I Need A Hero”, and a good-time party song by popular local band PeR, “Here We Go”.  The superfinal saw PeR take an early lead with the televotes, and though things tightened up at the end, it was never any real challenge. PeR will bring their youthful energy to Eurovision with “Here We Go”.

The three member boy band has entered the Latvian selection several times, and last year were a fan favorite with their excellent “Disco Superfly”, so it was a nice surprise to see them back this year with a winning song.  (Actually, they had TWO in the finals, but their second entry, “Sad Trumpet”, didn’t make it to the superfinal top three.) Good luck to PeR and LTV Latvia.

Here we go with Latvia 2013’s entry, “Here We Go”!


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