Romania releases Semifinalist Clips

This Saturday we will see the first of two semifinals from Romanian broadcaster TVR.  The song clips for both semis have been released as Youtube playlists, and you can listen here and here.

So far I have made it through  the songs for semi one, and there are a few surprises.  Two Eurovision veterans are back. Natalia Barbu who had a top ten result for Moldova with “Fight” in 2007, returns with the rather subdued ballad “Confession” (and a new red hairdo, which seems to be the fashion around Bucharest these days).  Meanwhile Romanian star Luminita Anghel, who brought home a third-place Eurovision finish in 2005, is back with the extremely theatrical “Unique” (which seems more suited for Broadway than Eurovison). Ubiquitous Eurovision composer Jonas Gladnikoff is represented here with Diana Hetea’s “I Believe In Love”.

I think all three of these are destined to reach the finals, along with this amazing oddity.  Imagine 2004’s Romanian disco ditty “Dragostea din Tei” crossed with Malena Ernman’s 2009 Swedish ESC entry “La Voix” and you will be a tiny bit prepared for Cezar and his poperatic “It’s My Life”. .

(Update:) I listened to the songs of the second semifinal, scheduled for Sunday February 24th, and there are two standout entries. First, this contemporary radio-friendly pop hit from an international group of ESC songwriters including talented ESC blogger Aidan “Schlagerqueen” O’Conner and Maltese/Swedish pop god Kevin Borg, “Storyline” by Alin Văduva:

A second top contender features yet ANOTHER American singer trying for Eurovision success.  This time it is Renee Santana, daughter of the 60’s rock legend, with her powerhouse “What Is Love?”

Who knows how Romania will eventually vote, but they certainly have the options to maintain their line of strong showings in Eurovision this year!


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