ESC Entries Play Extreme Makeover

In the last few years, we have had last-minute changes of entries from a few countries like Ukraine and Belarus. This year a whole slew of countries is changing their song just before the deadline or completely renovating the entry they are sticking with. Fortunately the ones announced so far have been met with positive responses!

Belarus was one of the first countries to decide this year, and many observers said at the time “Just wait, they will probably change this.” Guess what? They have, to an utterly cheesy dance-pop number that rocketed them up the betting charts to a firm top ten. “Solayoh” is an older song that has existed online as a demo for several years, but under the new qualification rules it still meets the rules. Alyona sounds quite enthusiastic in her performance–it’s amazing what taking a borderline qualifier and switching it out for a surefire fan favorite will do.

Ukraine kept its “Gravity”, but gave it a streamlining and made it more international-audience friendly. Already a top contender, Ukraine is obviously setting their sights very high for 2013 with an entry like this:

This WAS FYRO Macedonia’s entry, a grand pop number by Vlatko with wailing ethnic interludes by legendary Esma. “Imperija” was quite well-received by fans, but apparently not highly thought of in Macedonia. We are waiting for an announced new song that will feature Esma singing part of the entry in Roma.

Bulgaria is bringing back Elitsa and Stoyan, its 2007 artsts who had such great success with “Voda”. Last week their televised selection show chose “Kismet” as their entry, and yet this week it was withdrawn “due to problems in copyright negotiations”. Meanwhile internet rumors are flying that the new song “Samo Shampioni” was the choice of the artists all along, and when the TV vote that Bulgarian-tv insisted on for its own bottom line profit chose “Kismet”, Elitsa pitched a fit and hated the viewers choice. Here is the updated entry:

Meanwhile Belgium’s entry “Love Kills” has been reviled and consigned to the bottom dustbin of the betting charts since it was first performed in December. Now artist Roberto Bellarosa has returned from working with the song’s creator in Finland, and VOILA! The entry has been punched-up, speeded-up, and improved 1000%! If Roberto’s live vocal skills are better than the original song presentation, he could now have a genuine qualifier.


2 thoughts on “ESC Entries Play Extreme Makeover

  1. Belgium sounds so much better! Indifferent about Belarus. Ukraine top 10 for sure. Curious about Roma language for the new Macedonia song. Right choice for Bulgaria I think, though it will be hard to qualify out of semifinal 2. Albania btw also shortened its song from when it won their national final (think it was about 4 + minutes long) to fit eurovision three minute rule.

    • Agree with you on all entries. Personally I don’t love Belarus, though I have to admit it is much more catchy than the original entry. Most interested to see if Roberto can pull off the new verson of “Love Kills” which is so much better than before.

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