All the Entries are Now Official!

Here is a youtube playlist of all 39 entries that will compete in Eurovision Song Contest 2013:

Many fans and bloggers are calling this year’s crop a bit “meh”, but after listening to most of them on a CD in my car, I am already singing along and really looking forward to seeing what the stage production has to add to the experience. They may not all be immediate, but they are growers!


7 thoughts on “All the Entries are Now Official!

  1. Looking forward to seeing how these songs are staged. Since this year is a bit “bland”, that should hopefully mean a close contest with close voting where anybody can win! Wait, aren’t you going to be there this year?

    • Of the favorites, I really like Denmark, Norway and Sweden, and I think that Iceland and Estonia are both underrated. Those two could surprise a bit the way “Kuula” broke through last year.

      • Definitely agree with Iceland, love that the song is in Icelandic too. I like Denmark, Norway, Italy at the moment. I hope San Marino and Netherlands can qualify for the final.

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