OGAE Fan Clubs agree with the bettors on Denmark

31 OGAE clubs have voted

31 OGAE clubs have voted

31 of the OGAE Eurovision fan clubs have awarded points to the 2013 entries in their annual poll, and a few interesting developments have emerged. First, the fans are in complete agreement with ESC betting parlors on Denmark being the winning entry this year, with Emmelie taking an insurmountable lead comparable with the one Loreen had last year. The fans also agree with the bettors that Norway will be in the top of the final scoreboard, with OGAE and the betting odds both currently having Margaret in their third position. The second place is an area of disagreement, with the bettors second Ukraine only reaching 8th with the OGAE fans. Meanwhile the fans’ second place, San Marino, only reaches 11th in the betting odds. The final voting totals should be published in the next few days, but the current standings have enough space between the various places that there isn’t room for a lot of changes. Here are the total points from OGAE as they stand today:

1. Denmark – 305 points
2. San Marino -226 points
3. Norway – 223 points
4. Germany – 144 points
5. The Netherlands – 126 points
6. Italy – 111 points
7. United Kingdom – 107 points
8. Ukraine – 89 points
9. Sweden – 81 points
10. Russia – 75 points


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