In Chicago, and my trip is already an adventure

Don’t ever let them tease you for your Northern European punctuality.I left home for the airport early, the Metro train was there in one minute for me to catch, and then the LAX Flyaway was ready to leave just after I got there.  Because I got to LAX more than two hours early, I lucked out.  What could have turned into a total travel mess was averted (knock on wood, SO FAR).

Just as I got a cup of coffee and settled in at my United gate, I looked at the board and saw that my flight was delayed more than an hour. Fortunately, I explained my Chicago connecting flight to Denmark to a kindly United agent who had time to book me on an immediate, earlier flight.  As it turned out, the weather between LA and Chicago is plagued today with headwinds, so that flight took about an hour longer than it should.  Then when I got here to O’Hare, I found that I had to take a train to the international terminal and wait in yet another long security queue.  But here I am with two hours to spare, which I definitely would not have if I had taken my original flight out of LAX.

internationalterminalKudos at everyone at UNITED for being so incredibly nice and helping me get to Eurovision on time.


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