Back from Semi 1 Jury Rehearsal

The show was just great, and being there made it even more impressive and complicated (seeing all the amazing elements that the tv only shows a bit of). Most of the performers were excellent, though I thought Slovenia sounded a bit rough vocally, Lithuania and Austria were ok but unimpressive, and Croatia was not as vocally perfect as early reports led me to believe. But truly I would not be surprised by anything in the scores for tonight and tomorrow. Emmelie de Forest from Denmark got a HUUUGE response from her (virtually hometown) fans, and she didn’t do anything that makes me consider Denmark as any less than the leader and favorite to win.

Meanwhile, check out this picture of three great Eurofans I met on the platform waiting for the train back to Denmark. Despite flag-waving appearances to the contrary, they are not from Sweden or the UK, but are actually all three from Flagstaff, Arizona. So greetings and welcome to some fellow American Eurofans I just discovered!
flagstaffAfter I get some sleep I will upload some more pictures from the Arena to another Flickr slideshow… zzzzz…….


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