Today, off to Sweden and ESC!!

I got up early and worked out, had breakfast and took some more pictures. In an hour or so I will catch the 30 minute train to Sweden, watch the daytime rehearsals, and then attend the important jury judging of the first rehearsal tonight. Since is very generous in their sponsorship, everywhere I am going is covered with high-speed wifi so I am sure I will be blogging a lot today.

Meanwhile, to more important topics. I want to commemorate this wonderful trip by getting a tattoo to remember it by when I get home, and I love this logo of the Danish railway company. What do you think about a tattoo of it on my upper back just below the back of my neck?


4 thoughts on “Today, off to Sweden and ESC!!

  1. Oh my God, my English grammar is becoming rustier by the day. Should say “lines that reach the suburbs.” BTW, we’re a Danish American same-sex couple of Eurovision fanatics living near the border to Germany. We can actually drive 2 miles down he road and vote for Emmelie de Forest!

    • Thanks for the info. It´s a beautiful logo, and I like the nearby one in stone atop the building on Vesterbrogade. Since I am a city boy from NY and Hollywood, if I get this tattoo it will be my first acknowledgement of the suburbs.

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