(Belated Post)Finally landed in the middle of Eurovision

(Note:  When my friends Mattias and Phillip asked where the post with my pictures of the first day in Malmø was, ai though somehow I forgot about it and posted yesterday’s “catch up” post. Then today I found this still unpublished in the drafts pile…)Well, nothing goes perfectly the first time. First, the Swedish ticket machines at Central Station in København didn’t have the option that I was looking for, the Eurovision pass for unlimited trains from København to Malmø. After standing in line at the Swedish rail info, I found out that there was one special ticket machine in the corner that was the official Skånetrafiken machine, and I was able to book the pass, Then it asked for the PIN number for the one credit card that I don’t remember the PIN for. So I had to start from the beginning with the spare cash card I bought last week, and was SURE of the PIN. So I bought my ticket and got down to the platform with 30 seconds to spare. The passage on the train was quick and not particularly scenic, just like any short suburban train ride in the world.

Then after a quick 25 minute train across to Sweden I lined up at the accreditation office and got my badge. I asked where would be a good place to hang out and blog, and the accreditation office guy told be to head for the EuroClub downtown. So I got out of the downtown station, trudged across a windy plaza only to find nothing was happening there till evening so it was closed, and I needed to take the city bus to the Fan Cafe. Good thing all those rides will be free for me this week with my badge.

So I met some great EuroFan friends on the bus, Mattias and Philip from Munich, and we chatted about Melodifestivalen and Eurovision all the way to the Cafe, where I am sitting at a corner table blogging right now. You can see my slideshow of today’s trip to ESC below.


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