Final Thoughts before Semi 2

This semi is much harder to predict, but after seeing last night, a BIT clearer picture emerges.  Norway, Greece, Azerbaijan, Georgia and San Marino seem certain, and I think the audience’s huge response puts Finland in that category too.  The huge crowd for Israel made her cheers and applause very overwhelming, but I am still not convinced that her “Linda Richmond” look will translate well to the televoters.  Malta was a bit nervous and rushed through his lines, making him about a half-beat ahead of the chorus and backing track, so he will have a lot of ground to catch up. Bulgaria was surprisingly dynamic and visual, so they have a good shot, and I am still holding out hope for Iceland.  His authentic-feeling ballad, superbly and simply sung, puts him into the same category as Estonia from semi 1, so that seems like a good omen.

Tonight when I go to see the show on the big screens at HEAVEN I will be sure to take my camera (with a freshly charged battery, I might add) so I hope to get some fun shots of the locals.


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