It’s København 2014!

After three months that had all of us Eurofans on pins and needles, fearing the inevitability of Herning being chosen to host 2014’s 59th annual Eurovision Song Contest (due to the excellent Jyske Boxen Arena there), DR and the European Broadcast Union have announced that B&W Hallerne on Refshale Island will be the locale for next year’s contest.

Thinking outside the box, the selection committee kept in mind that Denmark is a nation on the water, and chose the industrial warehouses on the waterfront to build and configure a theatre space that will be suited for the tv broadcast as well as the live event for attendees.  The entire area will be turned into Eurovision Island for the weeks of the event, presumably housing the Eurovision Village and fan and tourist venues.

“Join Us” will be the theme of Eurovision Song Contest 2014, and I certainly plan to. Yay!


The soon-to-be “Eurovision Island” and B&W Hallerne, the official ESC venue


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