Switzerland Narrows the Field to Six

Granted Switzerland has a uniquely tough assignment. Only Belgium has a similar problem with two distinct language regions, which it solves by having its Flemish- and French-language broadcasters alternate each year in choosing the national representative.  But Switzerland is even more complicated, with separate regions and broadcasters for its German-, French- and Italian-speaking regions.  So each of these broadcasters gather up and choose representatives for a national finals superfinal.

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In theory, this should produce a great variety and wonderful entry.  In practice, the Swiss have lately tended toward the vaguely inspirational, middle-of-the-road pabulum that Eurovision gets mocked for. With that in mind, here are the six finalists the Swiss have chosen for their national superfinal:

3 for All – Together Forever

Yasmina Hunzinger – I Still Believe

Sebalter – Hunter Of Stars

Nino Colonna – La Luce Del Cuore

Christian Tschanz – Au Paradis

Natacha et Stephanie – Une Terre Sans Vous
(Sorry, no youtube available so click on the link for the video from broadcaster SRF)

Of these one is in Italian, two in French, and three are in English.  The buzz is that 3 for All and Yasmina have the inside track and one of these will most likely be the Swiss representative after the Swiss national selection on 1 February in the Bodensee Arena in Kreuzlingen.


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