20 Entries for Estonia Available Online

Estonia has had an up and down record in recent Eurovision Song Contests, but the last time Copenhagen hosted the competition, in 2001, Estonia brought home the victory.  So esecially after last year’s history-repeating quality, it’s worth keeping an eye on the little quasi-Scandinavian Baltic state with its long and bright history of music and singing.eestiThis year Eesti Laul, the Estonian national selection show, has several tasty entries on display.  Lenna, from the former Eurovision top ten band Vanilla Ninja, has a good pop-rock entry called Supernoova, that should figure in the top of the Estonian scoreboard.

And Urban Symphony, who broke through in 2009 with the excellent “Rändajad” and made the top ten in Moscow, is represented by its lead singer Sandra Nurmsalu. Her entry this year is Celtic-style folk-rock tune “Kui Tuuled Pöörduvad”, which could lead Estonia into the Eurovision finals again this year.

Another entry to watch is Tanja and her straight-ahead pop-dance-rock “Amazing”, that has been immediately picked up by the Eurovision fan community s a top contender for Estonia:

You can listen to all 20 entries for Estonia’s Eesti Laul here.


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