State of ESC2014: 7 Entries Chosen So Far

Last year, several countries had early selections and we had some heavy hitters by now–what happened to 2014? The exciting part this year is that with almost every country opting for a late selection, it seems every weekend we have a super Saturday.  And the national entries are slowly starting to fill in the board.

New logo for the 2014 contest (copyright EBU)

New logo for the 2014 contest (copyright EBU)

So far we have seven confirmed artists with their chosen songs: Albania, Belarus, Finland, Italy, Malta, Switzerland and Ukraine. Though it’s early in the game and these songs will see some minor makeovers on the way to København, can I just say that I don’t see any winners in the bunch?

Albania has chosen Herciana Matmuja and “Zemërimi i Një Nate”, a good singer and an ok song.  I just don’t see this standing out of the crowd.

Belarus is at least entertaining, as Teo does a bit of a Robin Thicke imitation with his “Cheesecake” song.

Finland loves rock, and this year chose an indie rock band in Softengine with “Something Better”.

Italy went back and corrected an old error by giving former San Remo winner Emma Marrone her belated chance to represent her country with “La Mia Cittá”: 

Malta just made their decision today, and it was not without controversy.  Pre-contest gossip was that the TV network wanted Firelight and their song “Coming Home”.  When the Maltese public put that entry in fourth place, the chosen jury obediently put Firelight at the head of the pack and overruled the televoters.

Switzerland also went folksy country rock with their selection, opting for Sebalter and his “Hunter of Stars”

Most surprisingly, Ukraine (always known for the quality of their entries) has chosen something pretty lightweight this year. “Tick Tock” is like something that a small Eastern European country would send with a 16-year old singer. Ukraine already seems to be trying to revamp this, but the chorus is still just as pathetic as ever.

Of all these, I think Italy will do its usual top ten placing.  But are any of the other chosen so far even good enough to make it out of the semis? Time will tell…


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