Four Entries to Watch for Sweden, and Four for Denmark

Today is a Scandi SuperSaturday, when Sweden and Denmark both choose their entry, and Norway has its second semi. In Swedish Melodifestivalen and Denmark’s Dansk Melodi Grand Prix there is a high level of quality, though of course every entry can’t win.

Bearing in mind that logic has little to do with the final voting, and surprises DO pop up, here are my choices for the entries to watch.

In Sweden, the headline match-up is the battle between traditional quality and new radio pop.  Sanna Nielsen is back for her 7th try for the MF crown and her biggest and best chance yet.

If anyone can challenge the status quo in Sweden, new sensation Ace Wilder and her chart-topping “Busy Doin’ Nothin'” seems the likeliest surprise winner.  She came out of nowhere in semi 3 and has been shooting up the charts like a rocket ever since.  She could easily win the televotes, and if the jury has been paying attention, they could also reward her with enough points to seriously challenge or knock off schlager royalty Sanna. 

If Sanna is schlager royalty in Sweden, Helena Paprizou is Eurovision royalty across the continent.  The jury could put her on top, and if the televoters put her in striking distance, she could at least take the bronze with “Survivor”.

And if there is a wild card, the pure party mood of Alcazar could surprise.  They have never won, but their 15-year career has spread past the borders of Sweden, so they too could get some jury love. Probably nowhere near a winner, but could end up in the top three or four.

Meanwhile, across the Øresund, Denmark is convening in Odense to choose the entry that will defend their win on home soil in May in København. The top three entries tonight will compete in a superfinal, and I think that the most likely to make that round are some combination of Nadia Malm, Rebekka Thornbech, Michael Rune, and Basim.  Check out all ten entries in this compilation


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