Denmark Chooses Fine Entry, Misses An Even Better One?

Besides the massive Melodifestivalen finale this weekend, there were several other big events in the weekend mix.  Slovenia chose their first good song in ages, and Norway zeroed in on their six finalists before they choose next weekend. But the major event to watch was definitely Denmark’s “Dansk Melodi Grand Prix” from Odense.

Like Sweden, Denmark has an embarrassment of riches in their musical talent.  If Sweden and Denmark could each send three or four entries to Eurovision, that show would be much better and all their entries would end up near the top of the international race. Unfortunately, our “one song per nation” setup means that excellent songs get pushed aside so that one can win.  That’s why amazing songs like Ace Wilder’s “Busy Doin’ Nothin'”, Alcazar’s “Blame It On the Disco” and Helena Paparizou’s “Survivor” don’t get the Eurovision chance they deserve.

In Denmark, the contest chose wildcard entry Basim and his swingy “Cliche Love Song” to defend Eurovision on home turf in København:

Though Basim is catchy and the entry will be a fun party song for the host country, Denmark unfortunately had to disappoint fans who cheered for the amazing runnerup, Michael Rune (featuring Natascha Bessez) performing “Wanna Be Loved”.

A quirky earworm with an infectious saxophone hook and an international dancepop sound, “Wanna Be Loved” comes from the same songwriting team that brought you 2011’s fantastic “Lipstick” from Jedward. Though “Wanna Be Loved” fell just short in DMGP, we will definitely be hearing more of this song and its talented artists.


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