What Do the Bettors Say?

We reach the point when the betting odds start constantly shifting.  With every rehearsal or public performance, the perception of a country’s entry and artist becomes even clearer, and their chances to win Eurovision as well.  Right now the markets are mostly reacting to Tuesday’s semifinal one broadcast, with a bit of reporting from the jury semifinal last night for the second group thrown in. Click the image to see it full-sized.

ESCoddsAs you can see, the betting strongly favors the entries from the first semifinal group, who occupy five of the top six positions.  Of the six nations that were pre-qualified, The UK, Denmark, and Spain have found a place near the top of the betting.  And semifinal group two has only Norway and Austria in the top ten with bettors. We’ll see if anyone impresses the market tonight enough to shake up the betting, as the Netherlands did Tuesday when their entry not only qualified, but zoomed into the Itunes charts across Europe by the next morning.

Sweden has overtaken Armenia to give us the first new leader in the betting since March, when the Armenian song was revealed and immediately took over the top spot.  Now the market has cooled a bit on Aram’s chances, and Sanna Nielsen’s rock-solid performances have slowly moved her up through the top five to the top of the board today. I will update this post tomorrow when tonight’s show is figured in and we also have the exact running order of all 26 entries for the Saturday Grand Final.


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