The Scores from Last Night’s Finals

It was a clear, unmistakable victory for Conchita and Austria in the Finals, and a breakthrough for the Netherlands and their new country duo the Common Linnets. And there are a few more trends to notice from the scoreboard.

The Big 6 were all across the board this year, from host Denmark at 9th place and Spain at 10th, UK and Germany at middling 17th and 18th places, Italy getting its worst score in recent years at 21st, and France finishing dead last again this year with just 2 points.  France’s Twin Twin and their party anthem “Moustache” were quite popular around town this week, and their failure, and the low placement of Greece’s party song “Rise Up” at 20th, shows that Europe was in the mood for something a little more serious this year.

Meanwhile, Russia and Belarus were the recipients of extra votes this time from their few Eastern allies, as the scores seemed more polarized than usual between East and West. Armenia was the big winner for the East, and got a deserved 4th place.  Azerbaijan sent an excellent song this year with few gimmicks, and lost most of its buzz, ending with the country’s worst score since entering the contest. (Maybe the vote-buying scandal and subsequent EBU security measures had a real impact.)

Now that the former Yugo republics are diminished as a voting bloc, the Nordics are the most powerful friendly neighbors in the Contest. From Sweden at third place, Norway at 8th, Denmark at 9th, Finland at 11th, to Iceland at 15th, once more this year every Nordic nation qualified for the finals and scored well.

Here’s the scoreboard, though you probably can’t read it without clicking to enlarge the image.



One thought on “The Scores from Last Night’s Finals

  1. I don’t understand the behaviour of Austria not inviting the German composer team from Hamburg to ESC in Copenhagen. I was reading in an interview that the composers asked ORF ( Austrian Radio and TV ) to invite them and they refused. ESC is a competition for composers and they are ESC winner 2014. It’s really very strange.

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