Netherlands Again Chooses a Big Star for Vienna With Trintje Oosterhuis

Netherlands was one of the countries that frustrated Eurofans for years, since they (like the UK) have a thriving pop music industry at home but never seemed to be taking Eurovision seriously enough to convince a major local star to compete for them.  So they always were on the knife’s edge of qualification, and more often than not stayed in the semis.

Then superstar Anouk agreed to represent her home countries in 2013, and zoomed up into an easy top ten placing.  In 2014, it was easy to convince Ilse and Waylon, The Common Linnets to be the entry for Copenhagen, and so last year the Netherlands placed a strong second place.

For 2015, the 60th Jubilee of Eurovision, the Netherlands is showing no signs of fatigue or backing off their new winning strategy. Today AVROTROS, the local tv network, announced that Dutch superstar Trintje (known internationally by the phonetic spelling of her name as “Traincha”) will be their artist, singing a new composition written especially for ESC by Anouk.  This marks the third announcement in a week of a strong artist in the running for 2015.


Trintje is best known as a strong live performer of soul ballads and R&B, though a recent album collaboration with Anouk writing and producing has steered her into a rockier, more indie direction.  Here she is showing off her assurance and command of a live stage with one of Burt Bacharach’s more challenging 60s ballads, “A House is Not A Home”:


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