Finland Introduces UMK 2015 Entries in 2015’s First Big Selection

I’m sure lots of fans would disagree and insist that Albania, Belarus or Malta already had the first big national finals selection show for this year. But after hearing the entries for Finland’s UMK, I can’t help feeling that this is the first opportunity for a real top contender in Vienna.  Of the 18 entries, there are three or four that could be polished and reworked into a fine entry for this May’s ESC finals.  Especially “Crossroads” from popular alternative boyband Satin Circus, which is in a similar vein to last year’s Finnish entry (which surprised everyone by qualifying and placing in the top half of the finals scoreboard).


But don’t take my word for it.  I put together 17 of the 18 UMK entries (the 18th is blocked from US viewers due to copyright claims from Sony Music Entertainment) into a YouTube playlist that you can watch here.


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